Rokit Originals

Rokit Originals is a contemporary reworked vintage brand. The collection transforms unused fabric and damaged vintage into a collection of 90s to 00s inspired pieces. From upcycled denim jeans, reworked leather corsets, and jackets made from remnant fabric, the collection offers an ethical alternative to fast fashion.


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Explore Rokit's in-house vintage upcycling brand, Rokit Originals.

Since 1986, when Rokit vintage has been committed to upcycling and alteration in our London stores. Rokit Originals was officially established in 2018.

Rokit Originals is based in our North London studio. We offer an ethical and sustainable alternative to fast fashion by using remnant fabric and damaged vintage pieces. Every collection is produced by our small in-house team of designers, pattern cutters and machinists.

Find everything from basic cropped polo t-shirts to bleached jeans to two piece suits, all made from recycled fabric. Our fabric defines what we can make but we are heavily influenced by 90s fashion and the revival y2k style.

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