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Whether you’re on the hunt for the perfect pair of jogging trainers, yoga leggings, or a casual tee, our Nike vintage clothing line has you covered. If you’re thinking of treating yourself to something from our vintage Nike collection, our advice would be to ‘just do it’. Shop vintage Nike t-shirts, shorts, hats and hoodies and bag the essential retro attire required.


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Nothing but Nike

If you’re hunting for the finest vintage Nike clothes, you’ve come to the right place. Our assortment of Nike vintage clothing is not only the real deal but stacked full of highly sought after genuine garments too. Vintage Nike sweatshirts, jackets and trainers all feature, as do other firm favourites like vests and tracksuit bottoms.

Nineties, Noughties & other Eras

90s kids wouldn’t have been seen in a pair of jeans. And if they did own a pair, they were probably an unwanted hand-me-down because it was sportswear that dominated. From the dancefloors at the school disco to the standing on street corners, sportswear was prominent. Nike, amongst others, proved popular. Nike Air Max trainers, in particular, were a favourite amongst peers. That’s why a lot of our Nike vintage clothing stems from this era, but we do have some gems from yesteryear too. Dive into some Nike nostalgia from over the decades in our recent collection.

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