The start of Rokit

Rokit was born out of a passion for vintage American denim in the 1980s. Founded by the Shackleton brothers and partner Patti, it all started with a market stall in London's Camden.

In 1986, they expanded to a shop at 225 Camden High Street, a former butcher's equipped with unique meat hooks for hanging clothes and a cold store as a quirky fitting room, creating a cool shopping experience.

Dressing the Icons of the Ages

Rokit 225 in Camden became an iconic destination visited by various generations of vintage lovers, celebrities and people worldwide.

From the vibrant club kids and punks of the '80s to the Britpoppers of the '90s, indie idols of the 2000s, and even the legendary Amy Winehouse, Rokit's 225 store has dressed and celebrated them all. This two-story building stands as a symbol of the ever-changing culture that surrounds it, earning its place on the Camden High Street walk of fame.

Enriching Our Vintage Heritage

In 2001, Rokit expanded beyond Camden with the launch of Brick Lane, a pioneering vintage store in East London. The success led to the creation of the adjacent boutique, 107, establishing Rokit as an iconic institution with a unique alternative to mainstream shopping.

The Brick Lane store celebrated originality by offering a century's worth of designs, inspiring individual style. These values of independence, authenticity, diversity, and creativity continue to influence vintage communities in London.

In 2003, Rokit's Covent Garden store challenged the high street, becoming Central London's largest second-hand store and a prominent shopping destination in WC2, inspiring independent brands to follow suit.

The Growth of Rokit Orignials

For nearly 40 years, Rokit has upheld its commitment to recycling and sustainability while embracing change. During the pandemic, Rokit formally introduced the Rokit Originals store, a brand that evolved from Rokit Recycled in the late '80s in Camden.

Today, Rokit Originals is a prominent player in sustainable fashion, revamping second-hand and vintage clothing, using remnant and deadstock textiles, and crafting sought-after limited edition pieces.

Rokit Adapts to the future

With the newly opened Cardiff store in 2023, our Rokit brand is making sustainable fashion waves across the UK and beyond.

Whether shopping online or at one of our stores, we strive to inspire customers to create their own narratives and experience something different. We believe in building unique environments where individuality and fun surpass the ordinary.

Our store designs, including award-winning window installations, rival those of major brands. We aim to seamlessly combine our rich historical roots with a forward-looking approach, maintaining an international website and a commitment to increased recycling.