Women's Vintage Clothing: 00s

Embrace everything & anything with our collection of 00s clothing. Explore Y2K clothing, from blazers to cargo pants, alongside trusty secondhand workwear for women. Build your 00s look from designers like Juicy Couture, Guess & True Religion. Or find your next high street staple. Keep the noughties dreams alive! 


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Womens 00s fashion

00s style saw and tried everything. Embrace the low slung waists, the micro miniskirts and the chunky belts of this era. Opt for baggy cargo pants and tank tops with that all important tie. Create your noughties streetwear look from basketball vests and patterned bandanas. Or pick out a one-of-a-kind Y2K inspired recycled corset, tank top, or bleached jeans from our Rokit Originals collection.

Reduce Waste, Choose Vintage

Sustainability wasn’t really on the agenda in the 00s. It was all about fast turn around of clothing production and styles. By choosing vintage and secondhand, you're saving these clothes from landfill and giving them a renewed sense of life.

Securing the best women’s 00s vintage clothing and resupplying it to be worn for many years to come. Take a look at our range of 00s women’s clothes, and go down a noughties wormhole deciding which combination works best for you. Will it be a vintage leopard print blouse with a vintage asymmetric skirt and vintage Miu Miu sandals? Or will you opt for a vintage Calvin Klein shoulder bag to go with your vintage leather jacket? The options are endless.


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