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Having expertly married sport and style for decades, Adidas is one of the only brands that can convince you to do sport. Even if you don’t, their attire still looks good. Arguably, Vintage Adidas does it even better. So, ready yourself for a new personal best and shop our vintage Adidas trainers, jackets, and t-shirts right here.


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Searching for a rare piece of retro Adidas classic clothing is stimulating, to say the least. But actually buying some vintage Adidas clobber is even better. Sustainable, vintage Adidas pieces are handpicked by our experts, to make your shopping experience that little bit more satisfying. Our vintage Adidas range includes classics such as retro Adidas jackets and tracksuit tops, vintage Adidas trainers and other signature sportswear items like vintage Adidas caps, shorts and sweatshirts.

Adidas Admiration

Adidas is a globally recognised brand. Its iconic three stripes and classic leaf motif are recognisable across both the sports and fashion sectors. Adidas encapsulates the blend of sportswear and high street fashion. Endorsed by sports stars and now fashion brands such as Gucci and Balenciaga, Adidas collaborations are one to watch! The heritage associated with Adidas is also admirable. Synonymous with stylish sports stars and success, if you can inherit a vintage Adidas piece from yesteryear, you’re on to a winner.

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