Vintage Varsity Jackets

The varsity jacket is more than retro. Dating back as far as the 1930s, almost a century later, they are back at the top of the ‘must have list’ for celebrities, civilians and fashionistas alike. Shop our vintage varsity jackets and find the one to best represent you!


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Recognisably Retro

Unmistakable features of the varsity jacket such as the woollen body, leather sleeves and lettered emblems are all nods to its originality. Yet, varsity jackets are more than just a garment of clothing, they are a true testament and representation of a time in history, especially in America.


Varsity Variation

Varsity jackets have now evolved into everyday streetwear, as well as high fashion. Worn throughout the seasons, in all manner of styles, varsity jackets are universally for everyone…not just 1980s sports teams. Find your favourite in our unique range of vintage varsity jackets and wear it for any occasion.


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