Men's Vintage Scarves

Browse a range of Vintage scarves for men. Embrace your inner dandy in a silk scarf or vintage cravat. Invest in a lifetime of luxury with a cashmere scarf. Or find yourself a classic checked scarf instead. Whatever the style, choose quality vintage.


Vintage scarves for all year round

Find a vintage and second hand scarf in Rokit’s vintage accessories collection. Whether you’re dressing up or down, a vintage scarf will help to finish up a look. And they’re not just for your neck. Try a square scarf as a bandana or pocket square, tie up long hair with a scarf or experiment with different scarf knots.

Find style inspiration from scarf-wearing icons, from David Bowie to Cary Grant to Tupac. Whatever you choose, we have options for days.

Quality over quantity

Expect quality scarfs in our collection. Everything is cleaned, laundered, and quality controlled. We have a large selection of designer vintage scarves in this collection too, including British heavyweight brands like Liberty and Burberry alongside French heritage brands like Hermes and Dior. Learn more about how we care for our clothes.

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